Are Sarah Fraisou and Ahmed in a secret relationship again? An info falls and we tell you about it in this article.

On March 30, Sarah Fraisou and Ahmed have announced to everyone’s surprise their divorce after just a few months of marriage. The reasons for their breakup? Despite the many rumors, there has been no history of deception between the two candidates of the Holiday of the Angels 4. The couple just didn’t get along and saw things differently. The young woman had even explained on her Snapchat account: “We don’t want to be unhappy, we love each other and it is better for it to be like that, each on our side”. So it is for all these reasons that they decided to put an end to their love affair. And if since the sad announcement of her divorce, Sarah Fraisou has distanced herself from social networks, recently she has made a big decision.

Sarah Fraisou and Ahmed would not be secretly dating again
Sarah Fraisou and Ahmed would not be secretly as a couple again – Credit (s):

But, while everyone thought they were definitely separated, for several days, a rumor has circulated on the web. Indeed, for some Internet users, the two candidates of the Holiday of the Angels 4 still see each other in secret and they would even be a couple again. Faced with all this speculation, the blogger vaarruecos decided to speak out about it in a question-and-answer with his community on Instagram. So the young man chose to set the record straight and to do so he said: “Sarah and Ahmed do not see each other in secret, it is false!”. So that is clear! The two former lovebirds would therefore have really separated and this, in a definitive way. Moreover, since the announcement of their divorce, Sarah Fraisou and Ahmed would be at war.

Credits: Instagram: vaarruecos


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