Unveiled on September 16, 2020 on the occasion of the PS5 Showcase, the next installment of God of War remains for the moment a great mystery in the eyes of players. However, it appears that things are going well for Santa Monica Studio, which is already starting to recruit new profiles to work on a game not yet announced.

While we are still awaiting new information on the next opus of God of War, for the moment identified under the name God of War: Ragnarok, it appears that Santa Monica is working hard… and even more than one could imagine. Indeed, the continuation of the adventures of Kratos and Atreus is normally scheduled for this year, on a date which remains to be specified for the moment. Still, many players seem to be expecting the announcement of its postponement from one minute to the next, in the same way that it may have been with titles like Hogwarts Legacy or Riders Republic recently.

God of War's new installment is due in 2021
God of War’s new installment is due in 2021

But internally, things are going pretty well for developers who, as revealed a job offer submitted by the studio, are already working on a second project. We learn that Santa Monica is currently seeking an Art Director for “The development of a new unannounced game”. For now, no other information has obviously been communicated on this subject, but it is akin to a new headline since the position requires more than ten years of experience in the trade, with at least one year spent as an Art Lead or Art Director on an AAA.

As the development of the next God of War, which could benefit from a cross-gen release, quietly continues its course, Santa Monica is already looking to the future. At this stage, we can imagine that this future project is still at an early stage of pre-production, but this is still a good sign for the arrival of God of War in 2021 since it shows the teams’ confidence to work on two projects simultaneously. The question now remains whether it will bea new license, which we know to be a will of Cory Barlog, or another game related to God of War. One thing is certain: we will have to be patient before finding out.

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