After giving us yesterday a (very) little tour of the owner of Santo Ileso, Volition and Game Informer present us today a new gameplay video that gives pride of place to frantic car races and explosive clashes.

The release of the reboot of Saints Row is approaching slowly but surely, and this is reflected in the communication around the title which begins to drastically accelerate. Yesterday, Volition and Game Informer each unveiled a video to introduce us to the city that will be the setting for this new opus, Santo Ileso, as well as some of its districts. Today is at three new minutes of gameplay dedicated to driving, racing car racing and explosive gunfights that we were entitled to. A video which is again presented to us exclusively by Game Informer, and that allows us to see the tone full of lightness and fun of this reboot, always very arcade oriented, which will however want to be much less eccentric than Saints Row 4 was.

let’s remember that the images presented by Volition are still in the pre-alpha stage, i.e. at an early stage of development. This can explain why certain elements, graphics in particular, are not fully developed, although the Saints Row has never really shone for their technique. That said, it appears that the pill of this reboot is still struggling to pass to the players, who continue to express their dissatisfaction in the comments. Moreover, at the time of this writing, the Game Informer video records a roughly equivalent ratio of likes / dislikes, up to 2.2K likes against 1.9K dislikes. The growl of fans, which was widely heard when the game was announced at Gamescom 2021, is therefore far from over.


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