Rym and Vincent Queijo (Moms and famous) ready to stop TV? The statement that sows doubt

For several years now, Rym and Vincent Queijo have been spinning the perfect love! Remember, the two reality TV candidates met in 2019 on the set of The Villa of Broken Hearts 5. Very quickly, they fell in love with each other and they became a couple. Since then, they are happier and in love than ever. Together they even built their own family. In 2020, the two lovebirds gave birth to their first child: Maria-Valentina. Then on January 16, Alma, a second little girl was born. Now filled with happiness, young parents are no longer really present in reality TV shows.

But then, will they leave this environment? During a question-and-answer moment with his community on Instagram, Vincent Queijo spoke following the following question from a user: “After your notoriety, what do you intend to do because reality TV stops one day?”. “That’s for sure what I’m leaning on at the moment in my personal life” he told his followers. So these are words that could lead us to believe that the parents of Maria-Valentina and Alma are ready to stop TV. What do you think the meltynauts?

Vincent Queijo and Rym ready to stop TV?

At the editorial office, we have some doubts about the possibility that Rym and Vincent Queijo will no longer participate in any reality TV show. The reason ? They are currently in the cast of the next season of Moms and Famous. However, it is actually possible that the two lovebirds do not participate in programs like The battle of couples Where The Apprentice Adventurers. But that, only time will tell!

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