As Rose McGowan and Holly Marie Combs attacked Charmed’s new cast and Sarah Jeffery reacted, Shannen Doherty also stepped in.

Endless conflict! Yes the meltynauts, for a few months, the actresses of the first version of Charmed keep getting talked about. If many fans were shocked by the war which currently opposes Rose McGowan and Alyssa Milano on social networks, the conflicts unfortunately do not end there. Indeed, following a video posted by the interpreters of Paige Matthews and Piper Halliwell in which they openly mocked the new cast of the series, Sarah Jeffery gave a rant: “You know, I saw that earlier and I decided to refrain from saying anything (…) But I still want to say that I find it sad and honestly rather pathetic to seeing adult women react that way. ” Very angry, the one who lends her features to Maggie Vera also said that the two actresses had a racist dispute against her.

Subsequently, Rose McGowan then Holly Marie Combs defended themselves on their respective Twitter accounts, first of all condemning the production and the deplorable conditions in which they would have been treated. However, Shannen Doherty seems much more benevolent towards the Charmed reboot as she confided in an interview with EW : “What’s old is new too. And I think it’s great that a new generation can relate to these three strong and powerful women, not to mention all the jobs it creates.” Sarah jeffery had already confided how the interpreter of Prue had been encouraging by posting a photo of the actress with her father: “By the way, my dad met the adorable Shannen Doherty during a shoot. He came up to her explaining that her daughter was one of the new Charmed (before the covid!) He told me that she had been lovely, enthusiastic about us and very happy to take a picture with him. She sends you her love. “ In the meantime, here’s what Alyssa Milano thinks about her conflict with Rose McGowan.


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