The first estimates for the 2020 World Cup have fallen and Riverdale and Vikings are neck and neck!

The 2020 Series World Cup kicks off a week ago and many of you are voting for your favorite series. Who could succeed Stranger Things and get the holy grail? The first estimates have just fallen and some results are surprising. If some shows already seem to be favorites and could go very far in the adventure, there are some series in great danger. Obviously, nothing is settled yet and you have until Sunday, September 6 at midnight to reverse this trend. The first big surprise of the competition lies in group H. For the time being, Vikings could knock out Riverdale and prevent him from continuing the adventure!

The Vikings or the students? – Credit (s): history

Students from Riverdale could they be ousted by Lagertha and her troops? In any case, this is what the first results of this Series World Cup seem to predict. Riverdale might not take it to the next level! Sex Education is at the head of group H and Vikings is in second place in the ranking. But her rival, Riverdale, has not said his last word and could easily catch up with the History giant. Archie and his gang capsize your heart by almost 25% as the Lodbrok family gathered 27% of the votes. The gap between these two series is very tight (only a few hundred votes) and everything could still change, for one as for the other! While waiting to know the verdict of this first group stage, this Monday, September 7, continue to vote every day to allow your favorite series to reach the first place of the podium!


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