These photos of Rihanna a few days after her scooter accident will reassure her fans.

A few days ago, Rihanna’s rep was giving the singer news after her scooter accident. In early September, the 32-year-old had a nasty fall on her vehicle and appeared with a swollen face after her head hit it. Her appearance had shocked more than one fan, recalling tragic moments the singer had experienced under the blows of her ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown. Fortunately, there is no question of it at all and Rihanna is already doing much better a few days after her scooter accident. The proof being during his new appearance in the streets of Los Angeles.

Rihanna – Credit (s): gettyimages

Rihanna was recently spotted by paparazzi on the set of a top secret project and everything seemed to be going for the best for her, as you can see in the photos. JUST HERE. So obviously, the young woman wore a mask because of Coronavirus, she had also chosen to cover her eyes with dark glasses, surely to hide the last bruises on his face. But in any case, if Rihanna has returned to work and shows up in public, it’s because all is well for her! We can only be reassured to see her back on her feet and blooming. Moreover, Rihanna recently confided if she was ready to register on a dating app to find love.


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