Rihanna will she release her new album before the end of 2019? On Instagram, the singer once again sowed doubt with a photo.

Each year, Rihanna spends an astronomical sum on something surprising. It must be said that with his cosmetics Fenty Beauty and the launch of his own brand with the LVMH group, the young woman of 31 years has become the richest singer in the world according to the magazine Forbes. However, her fans would very much like her to leave her businesswoman cap aside to devote herself to music. Since the release of his album ANTI in 2016, the superstar is rare in the charts when she confirmed the release of a new album … According to information revealed during the Open Session of Universal Music France last September, he should even see the day in December 2019. But yet on Instagram, the interpreter of “Diamonds” once again sowed doubt …

In a post, Rihanna, who is not angry with Eminem, posed with a pout. “To all my friends / family / colleagues that I have ignored in recent months … Please forgive me. This year has been quite trying” did she write in captions before adding that she is currently working on a project named “Balance”. So what can it be? For some it is sure, Riri gives here a clue on his next disc, which could be called as. For others, however, she would try to say that she wants to take a break from her career and rest surrounded by her loved ones, which could further delay the release of new titles. In any case once again, the Barbadian knows how to play with the nerves of Internet users!


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