Released on April 30, exclusively on PS5, Returnal has since been at the heart of many debates because of its particularly high difficulty. One of the reasons in question stems in particular from the lack of a game saving system, a point on which its creators recently reacted.

For several days now, Returnal, the TPS roguelike developed by Housemarque, has been available exclusively on Sony’s new generation console. While players are currently learning about Selene’s adventures on the planet Atropos, the title is sure to be talked about on social media in reviving the debate on the accessibility of video games. For good reason, it turns out that this is a particularly demanding title, one of the essential components of which implies thateach time they die, the player must go back to the start of their cycle and start all over again. What frustrates more than one, especially when you know that each run can last one or even two hours of play depending on its rate of progress.

Returnal, available exclusively on PS5
Returnal, available exclusively on PS5

The problem is that beyond the difficulty of the game, this gameplay mechanic implies that it is impossible to save. In other words, Above all, you must not turn off your console or even quit the game on the way, under penalty of having to start all over again even in the absence of death. And it is precisely this point that is currently being debated on Reddit, or some claim a system which would make it possible to save his game when leaving, while suggesting the idea that this save is automatically deleted when the player subsequently dies. This would thus not break the roguelike side of the game, without penalizing those who cannot afford to go on long game sessions or who have to deal with the unexpected.

In just a few hours, this post elicited a lot of reactions from the community. So much so that the studio itself ended up responding to it. On his Twitter account, Housemarque has indeed declared “Hear the community”, before adding: “We have nothing to announce at this time, but keep playing and enjoying the challenge as you can”. If it is rather vague, this tweet still suggests that the developers are thinking about a solution that can help players in this regard, by adding a backup system for example. Response in the days or weeks to come. Until then, you too can try the Returnal experience with a PSN card worth € 50 available at a reduced price on Eneba.

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