Since its release last May, Resident Evil Village has been a real hit with players. Located in the direct continuity of the new turning point made with Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, this new opus only confirms the good initiative taken by Capcom, which recently announced it has sold over 5 million copies of the game in less than six months. It thus achieves a better start than its numbered predecessor but also than the remake of Resident Evil 2, which respectively took fifteen and eleven months to reach this level. It is also approaching the record held by the best-selling episode of the series to date, Resident Evil 5, which had reached it in just four months.

And as we learned at E3 2021, the studio does not intend to stop there. Indeed, during his conference, Capcom had announced that it had started working on a Resident Evil Village DLC, about which we still don’t know anything yet. However, to believe a recent report published by the publisher, it may well be completely free. This is in any case what suggests a sentence in the document, which reveals the arrival of “Free additional DLC for titles such as Monster Hunter Rise and Resident Evil Village” (p.48). Now the question remains: is this really the DLC that was announced at E3 or should we expect to receive more content than expected?

Resident Evil Village will obviously host at least one free DLC
Resident Evil Village will obviously host at least one free DLC

After all, it is not impossible that Capcom opts for a model similar to that of Resident Evil 7, which had received a slew of additional content both free and paid. For now, the fact is that it is difficult to be fixed on the question given thatno additional information has been communicated to us on this subject since June. We don’t even know if this DLC will take the form of a narrative expansion or different additional game modes, like the Forbidden Videos that followed the release of the 2017 episode. answers to these questions.


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