The kick-off of the Resident Evil 4 remake marketing campaign may have been launched, that does not mean that Capcom done with Resident Evil Village. On October 28, the latest opus to date will indeed benefit from a new spotlight thanks to the arrival of the Gold Edition, as well as the Winters Extension. Made up of various additional content, it will notably offer a narrative DLC, Shadows of Rose, which features Ethan’s daughter sixteen years after the events of the game. What offer a worthy conclusion to the tragedy of the Winters? This is the goal of the studio.

The Shadows of Rose

So here we are sixteen years after the end of Resident Evil Village. Rosemary Winters, now a teenager, tries somehow to live a normal life despite the presence of her powers, which she sees as a real curse. However, when someone close to her informs her that he may have found a way for her to get rid of it, hope is reborn. But to do this, the young woman must agree to enter the consciousness of the Megamycete, a particularly dangerous place from which she may never return. Ready to do anything to get rid of this scourge that has followed her since birth, she accepts despite everything. It was then that a particularly nightmarish introspective journey began for her.

Resident Evil Village DLC

With a psychological dimension more supported than the main campaign, Les Ombres de Rose plunges us into a world where we discover the fears and anxieties of Ethan’s daughter, to whom we quickly end up becoming attached. However, she is not totally alone in this ordeal since a strange entity named Michael does not hesitate to come to her aid throughout the adventure, which sometimes gives rise to quite touching little interactions. And if we could say that this DLC was not fundamentally essential in itself, we must all the same admit that it manages to give a moving conclusion to the arc of the Winters family, while offering us a new look at the game’s epilogue.

An atmospheric gem

Speaking of a new look, you should know that Les Ombres de Rose will not look far for the setting of its adventure since it is content to resume environments already traveled in Resident Evil Village. That being said, don’t expect to have the impression of being on completely conquered ground, since Capcom has done a remarkable job on the atmosphere, so that the experience ultimately comes out quite different. The Dimitrescu Castle, plunged into darkness and invaded by mold, thus appears to us much more oppressive while the Beneviento House, already terrifying from the start, has been completely transcended here to offer one of the most memorable sequences of the franchise.. Yes, just that. We dare to say it.

Resident Evil Village

Lasting approximately three hours, this DLC can also pride itself on offering us a perfectly balanced experience between exploration, action and reflection, with some very beautiful game sequences to boot. Note also the addition of a new gameplay mechanic, Rose’s powers, which allow you to destroy mold cores to free passages and objects, to counter-attack enemies, or to temporarily slow them down.. This is probably not the most transcendent element of this extension, but it still allows you to bring a different approach during certain confrontations which can prove to be quite muscular. Because yes, the enemies are sometimes numerous and they do not necessarily make a gift.

On the trail of Resident Evil Village

For the rest, Les Ombres de Rose remains unsurprisingly in the direct continuity of Resident Evil Village. From a visual point of view in particular, the RE Engine once again performs beautiful wonders to highlight the changes in artistic direction of the places.. The DualSense remains rather well exploited, in particular at the level of the adaptive triggers, and the French dubbing remains excellent. On the other hand, we can note that Rose’s handling seems a little slower and a little heavier than Ethan’s, which certainly contributes to accentuating his fragility and increasing stress during certain sequences, but also to provoke a bit of frustration while exploring.

Resident Evil Village DLC
We liked:
  • Maison Beneviento, even more terrifying
  • A fabulous atmosphere at all levels
  • A very good balance between exploration, action and reflection
  • A nice conclusion to the Winters story
We didn’t like:
  • Rose is quite slow and heavy to control
  • Powers are not necessarily transcendent


We’re not going to hide it, given the particularly anecdotal (not to say failed) DLCs of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, it was with some apprehension that we embarked on The Shadows of Rose. But what a nice surprise it was! While relying on the achievements of Resident Evil Village, this extension manages to offer a renewed experience thanks to a change of atmosphere mastered by a master’s hand and above all, to some very well thought out game sequences. Not to mention that it also brings a moving conclusion to the family tragedy of the Winters, whose fate will have been most unexpected until the end.


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