Last March, Capcom proudly announced that it had sold 9.6 million copies for its reinterpretation of the Resident Evil 2 myth, and it only took a few additional months for it to reach a new milestone, as said across the Atlantic. As advertised on its site official, the Japanese publisher is proud to have sold more than 10 million copies of Claire and Leon’s hostile city adventure.

No doubt the recent patch next genadding compatibility ray tracing to the PC and console versions of the title, contributed to this additional half million. Significantly higher sales than the original, which sold 6.1 million units in its PS1, N64 and Gamecube versions.

Resident Evil 2 celebrates 10 million

By way of comparison, Resident Evil 3 has so far only managed to sell half as many copies, reaching 5 million units last February since its release in April 2020. More recently, the last episode in date Resident Evil Village meanwhile reached the nice milestone of 6 million sales last May.

Resident Evil news has been so busy over the past two years that it’s like being back in the mid-2000s: after the release of the eighth episode, the underrated seventh feature film and the upcoming arrival of the remake of Resident Evil 4 on next gen, now the pretty little band of Umbrella has just passed through the Netflixian mill with a first television series adaptation, with none other than the great Lance Reddick in the role of Albert Wesker. We will leave the readers alone to judge the quality of this production which, frankly, cannot be worse than the tearful Nemesis of Resident Evi: Apocalypse.


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