We finally know how the name of Rege-Jean Page, star of the series The Chronicle of the Bridgertons is pronounced.

To end the rumors, Rege-Jean Page (The Bridgertons Chronicle) and Phoebe Dynevor have revealed whether or not they are a couple in real life. On December 25, Netflix This period series was released, where the plot takes place in London, in 1813. Since then, it has quickly been a resounding success and has become the fifth most-watched original series on the streaming platform. Suddenly, many people want to know the smallest details about the life of the actors of The Bridgertons Chronicle, to start with Rege-Jean Page, who lends his features to the tortured and dark Duke Simon Basset, which has won over all viewers!

If some people wonder how to pronounce his name, which is quite complex, Rege-Jean Page has already communicated the solution on Twitter. If we decipher what the actor says, it’s ultimately quite simple. Rege is pronounced like “reggae” (“regulated”). Jean says he is French (the young man cited the example of singer Wyclef Jean des Fugees … With us, we can use that of Jean Dujardin, for example). And Page is pronounced with the English accent (“paidge”). So when you read Rege-Jean Page then it will suffice to say “Régué-Jean Paidge”, that is all ! Still on the actors of The Chronicle of the Bridgertons, discover their partners in real life.

Credits: Twitter @regejean


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