As reality TV candidates continue to show, Brazil is on the verge of being invaded by a horde of zombies. What is the Reality Z series worth on Netflix? Our verdict.

A few days ago, Netflix unveiled the crazy trailer for its new Brazilian show, Reality Z. The project ? An adaptation of the famous mini-series Dead set by Charlie Brooker, behind Black mirror, also on Netflix. The concept is the same, candidates for a reality show find themselves confronted with a horde of zombies, except that this time, exit the United Kingdom and direction Brazil. If you thought of seeing the country, it is missed, because most of the intrigue takes place in one and the same place. The pitch? A big reality show called Olympo animates Brazil, when a zombie invasion plunges the country into dark chaos. The survivors will then understand that the only safe place in the area is the recording studio. By trying to escape from the ghouls on their heels, they will therefore do everything to invest the reality TV set. The problem is that cohabitation could be much worse than what is happening outside … So, what is worth Reality Z, a show with the airs of DayBreak, Secret Story and The Walking Dead ?

From the first minutes of Reality Z, we understand that we are dealing with a series that doesn’t take itself seriously, that’s why it strongly evokes us Daybreak. Here, we are about to live the apocalypse, while in the other Netflix show, the characters have survived. We want to play on the suspense and tension side, but some scenes are so cheeky that we have to take a step back from the plot. When we are shown the profile of reality TV candidates, we are divided between thinking that we are focusing on big shots or thinking that we are being portrayed as a fairly realistic image of these participants. However, at the end of the fourth episode, we begin to get attached to some of the characters. The stakes of the series also take another turn from that moment, because we add a political reflection to the plot and we must admit that it is becoming more and more interesting.

Reality Z on Netflix

Reality Z is a fun and playful series, if we aim to peck chips in front of Netflix without taking the lead. There is nothing surprising and the special effects are really not at the level, which necessarily makes us drop a little when the tension is supposed to be at its height. As the characters are rather interesting, we want to look to the end to see what fate is in store for them. Reality Z had the good idea to offer episodes of thirty minutes, which allows to advance in the plot quickly. However, what’s missing from the series may be Charlie Brooker’s paw (Black mirror), at the origin of the series Dead set whose Reality Z was inspired. The zombiesque show contains a lot of offbeat scenes, and we would have liked more depth at times. Fortunately, Netflix is ​​making lots of other new features available in June!



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