10 years after his worldwide success “Gangnam Style”, the singer PSY returns with a brand new album. A first single and its clip will even be unveiled on April 29. We tell you everything.

Who hasn’t sung or partied on the planetary tube Gangnam Style ? We also remember this “cavalier” choreography that had to be performed each time the chorus returned, with more or less talent… The song was released on July 15, 2012. So it’s already been 10 years this year! So to celebrate this, the performer of the song, PSY, announced his big comeback. The Korean singer will release a new single on April 29, along with a clip. These will be the beginnings of a new album also to be released in 2022. But then, what should we expect?

One thing is certain, it will be very difficult to match the incredible success of Gangnam Style. The song topped the charts all over the world. Even better, the clip became the first in history to cross one billion views on YouTube. And all this in just five months. To date, it has more than four billion views. A viral phenomenon to which France has not escaped. Number 1 in sales for six weeks, Gangnam Style sold 350,000 copies in France.

An unrepeatable success

For PSY, the release of this new album in 2022 is not a first. He has already offered two other albums since Gangnam Style : Chiljip Psy-da in 2015 and 4X2=8 in 2017. But these records went a little more unnoticed. A difficulty of which the singer remains aware:“The pressure and the stress were simply enormous. Gangnam’s weight was enormous.” On April 29, the song will be released celeb accompanied by its clip. A first teaser is already available on Youtube. It reveals a colorful and watered-down pop of which PSY has the secret. This single will be part of the album Psy 9thwhich will also contain the recovery When the Rain Begins to Fall by Jermaine Jackson. A must-watch for dancefloor addicts…


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