That’s a nice discount for a gift card redeemable on Sony’s PlayStation Network (PSN). The latter is now at 41.99 euros, instead of 50 euros usually.

Sony launched, several years ago, a shortened PlayStation Network PSN. A service that gives access to a lot of advantages, such as messaging, access to a store of dematerialized games, etc. The PSN therefore appears as one of Sony’s best arguments, available on its consoles including the PlayStation 4. Gift cards can also be added allowing purchases to be made using credits, both games and content based on micro-transactions, DLC, etc. Suffice to say that a discount gift card is always a good way to have fun while saving money. And it is precisely a credit of 50 euros that is offered today … at 41.99 euros!


PSN gift card 50 €

€ 41.99
PSN gift card 50 €

At the time of writing, on October 17 at 6 p.m., the PSN gift card of 50 euros is at 41.99 euros, a saving of 8.01 euros (16%). Once the purchase is made at Eneba, all you have to do is enter the digital key received on your account to see the credits appear, and thus make online purchases. This PSN gift card isn’t the only great deal the editorial staff has found for Sony devices. Cyberpunk 2077 in Day One Edition on PlayStation 4 is currently on sale. Not to mention a discount, on the same machine, for any pre-order on Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War.


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