Would the life of the DualSense be limited to around 7 months of use? This is what the first analyzes of the PS5 controller, carried out following the “drift” problems reported by some users, may suggest.

It’s been several years now that Nintendo has been the subject of many complaints about the Switch, including the problems of “Joy-Con Drift” are now officially recognized by the company. And if the latter is still regularly in the sights of consumer associations for this reason, it is no longer the only one. Since a few weeks, of owners of the PS5, released last November, claim to be facing the same problem with their DualSense controller. Indeed, they explain that their character is sometimes found to move alone on the screen, without even the stick is requested by the player. Without official reaction from him, Sony is therefore also the subject of several investigations and complaints.

The PS5
The PS5’s DualSense also suffers from drift problems

For their part, some technology specialists have decided to conduct their own investigation to understand where such a problem can come from. This is particularly the case of YouTuber iFixit, who published a video in which he studies the interior of a DualSense in order to find the origin of the phenomenon of “drift”. And according to him, this would be caused by the wear of the potentiometer (type of resistance) of the sticks, the service life of which would be limited in terms of use. He mentions in particular information from the manufacturer of joysticks, ALPS, which indicates a lifespan of 2,000,000 cycles of use for rotation, against 500,000 cycles for pressure.

iFixit then sought to assess in a more concrete way the duration of use of a DualSense before problems could potentially arise. Basing his analysis on a game like Call of Duty: Warzone, he estimates that the controller has a life cycle of approximately 417 hours. At the rate of 2 hours of play per day, this brings us to only 7 months of use. However, let us insist on the fact that this is only an estimate, which also depends on the use of the controller according to the types of games preferred by the user. Otherwise, if the results seem to be in line with those mentioned in the class actions filed, they do not constitute official data for the time being.

The YouTuber himself explains that while potentiometer wear is probably the main reason for the “drift” problem, it is not the only one. Continued use of DualSense or things like dust or dirt can also play a role.. Now we just have to wait and see where this whole story takes us, hoping that Sony will speak up about it soon. That said, iFixit is still surprised to see that after all this time, “It’s weird that console makers don’t consider joysticks to be consumable items, and don’t design them to be easily replaced”. He adds : “No device rated for having a limited number of actions, especially those that rub shoulders with so much contamination and abuse, can maintain perfect performance forever.”.

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