Without saying a word, Sony has launched the production of an improved version of the Digital PS5, less heavy and more practical, especially in terms of support.

So, before everyone panics: no, we are not talking about a drastically different model, a PS5 Pro with 8K and 240 Hz compatibility. But it sometimes happens in the life of a console that certain classic models benefit from an update in their production, as we could see in particular a few months ago with the Nintendo Switch: the latter had indeed been entitled to a small upgrade without change with respect to the price of the console, notably improving the autonomy of its battery. The same goes for the PS5, only a few months after its release. Indeed, without reporting anything to anyone, Sony was able to file a new model for the digital version, named CFI-1100B01. So what does this new version of the console bring?

A new version of the PS5 Digital
A new version of the PS5 Digital – Credit (s): sony

First, the specs page reveals that this new PS5 Digital weighs 3.6 kilos, which is 300 grams less than the original version, which weighed in at 3.9 kilos. On the other hand, Sony has changed the screw that came with the bracket: it’s now a flat-head screw, which should fit easier to put on and take off.. At the moment, these are the only changes noticed regarding this new version of the console, but it is entirely possible that players will discover new ones when they receive their PS5 Digital. It remains to explain why the console has lost so much weight!


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