While we still do not know the release date or the price of the PS5, Sony has just launched a campaign to reserve the console on its site. But don’t get excited, it’s not for everyone …

We’re getting ready to arrive in September, and yet we still have no idea when or how much will the PS5, the next console to be released, be released. Sony. Like its competitor, the Xbox Series X. So necessarily, rumors are rife about the price of consoles, as we have seen with the false information relayed by the Carrefour site (which has since apologized for ). However, despite this lack of information, this does not prevent Sony from talking: the firm has just launched a console reservation campaign through its website. But be careful, don’t start heating up your credit card: this reservation system is not for everyone.

Pre-orders launched, but you will still have to be patient
Pre-orders launched, but you will still have to be patient – Credit (s): sony

The console will indeed be available in limited quantities. Sony indicates it on its site: “There will be a limited amount of the PS5 for pre-order. So we’ll be inviting some of our existing customers to be one of the first to pre-order one.”. In other words, this pre-order system works by invitation only. And the invitation will depend on the player’s interest in Sony and Playstation in previous years.. In other words, Sony wants to reward the loyalty of players based on their activity on the PSN. Be careful, however, if you are lucky enough to receive an invitation, it will have a limited duration: you will have to pre-order the PS5 quickly to be able to take advantage of it, or his invitation will potentially pass to someone else. In addition, an info is confirmed: Sony does limit the purchase of the PS5 to one unit per customer (PSN ID). A way to avoid the black market, and especially to allow everyone to be able to benefit from it when the console is released at the end of the year.


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