To deal with the famous Microsoft Game Pass, considered the best current service related to video games, Sony seems to have some assets in their pockets … At least that’s what Playstation boss Jim Ryan says.

Among the most valid arguments as to the interest of nabbing an Xbox Series X rather than a PS5, there is obviously the Game Pass. Microsoft’s service offers hundreds of games for a very affordable subscription, making it possible for many gamers to have access to a very large library of games for a ridiculous price. In front, Sony has its PS Plus (which offers two or three games to players per month), the PS Now or even the new PS Plus Collection (which gives PS5 players access to a collection of twenty essential PS4 games). Nothing that can not really compete with Microsoft’s Game Pass, which therefore remains the main asset of the American firm against Sony. But According to Jim Ryan, the president of Playstation, things could change …

The Game Pass, a service that is attracting more and more people
The Game Pass, a service that is attracting more and more people

Jim Ryan was indeed able to discuss the Russian media “Tass”, with which he discussed the future of the PS5 in this country, but also the competition with Microsoft. “Console warfare is not a term I like to use” he could indicate. Nevertheless, he goes on to say: “For me, it’s a great competition. I think it makes us work harder, it keeps us from becoming complacent, and it gives consumers a choice. That’s a good thing.”. Russian media then asked an interesting question about the Game Pass: Does Sony foresee a competitor in the service of Microsoft ? “We will have news on this soon, but not today” Jim Ryan could answer. Although it is not announced very clearly, Jim Ryan still hints that a competitor of Sony to the subscription service of Microsoft is being prepared.… Very good news for owners of PS4 or PS5, for the lucky ones! Moreover, to compensate while waiting for this famous competitor, the one month PS Plus subscription is currently available for a great price!


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