Contrary to what was announced yesterday, Sony would not face production problems for its next-gen console. In other words, there should indeed be something for everyone when it comes out …

This is the news that stirred the industry yesterday: Sony would currently not be able to ensure production of the PS5 as originally planned. According to Bloomberg, TSMC would have a hard time making the chips for the machine (one in two). With this information it was deduced that Sony would therefore have been forced to withdraw 4 million units from its plans. In other words, the stock shortage would be inevitable. But now, faced with this information, Sony was forced to communicate. The firm indicates on the contrary that everything is going for the best concerning the production.

Sony's PS5 production is fine
Sony says PS5 production is fine – Credit (s): sony

“Although we do not release details of the manufacture of its consoles, the information provided by Bloomberg is false.” could indicate Sony, while adding: “We have not changed the number of PS5s to be produced since the launch of mass production “. What must be understood with this latest statement is that Sony will thus produce 15 million PS5s by March 2020, as has been planned from the start.. By December, 10 million PS5s should be prepared by the manufacturer. To compare, Sony had planned 4.3 million PS4s when it was launched in 2013. Moral of the case: obviously, Sony has no concerns, the chapter is closed according to the Japanese firm. It remains to discover the release date and the price of the console now … data that should be revealed tonight at the new conference planned by Sony. On the other hand, for those who are interested, a PSN card worth € 50 is available for less than € 42 right now at Eneba.

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