Finally ! After months of waiting, we should find out the release date and price of the PS5 this week: Sony is indeed planning a new presentation for its next-gen console next Wednesday.

Obviously, we expected that Sony is moving soon. And for good reason, last week, Microsoft was finally able to announce the price and the release date for its next two next-gen consoles, the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S. We know that the two consoles will be available respectively for 499 and 299 €, starting on November 10. Since this announcement, all eyes have been turned on Sony: we have been waiting for this info for several months now. The silence the firm has come to an end, because it was able to unveil the date of the next conference concerning the PS5: it is Wednesday, September 16, at 10 p.m. In other words, in 2 days, we should have the answer to all our questions.

A presentation eagerly awaited by the players
A presentation eagerly awaited by the players – Credit (s): sony

It is on this date that we should thus discover the price and the release date of the PS5. We should also have more info on the console games roster. Some rumors also speak of various expected announcements, such as a redesign of the PSPlus system for the PS5: According to the statements of various recognized industry leakers, Sony could well merge the PSPlus and the PSNow. A move that seems rather interesting, especially to compete with Microsoft’s Gamepass, which many agree to consider as the best gaming offer for consoles and PC. While waiting to find out if this information is officially verified, you can take a look again at Sony’s previous presentation for its PS5, just to update yourself.


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