It’s yet another rumor that comes from knowledgeable Bloomberg reporters that rock the web this week. The production of the PlayStation 5 would be the victim of big slowdowns.

Based on information from Bloomberg, the production of PlayStation 5 would currently be in slow motion. For good reason, TSMC would have great difficulty in manufacturing the chips for the machine. Only one in two would leave the factory. This means that Sony would therefore have been forced to withdraw 4 million units from its plans. Suddenly, stockouts, like the PlayStation 4, could be expected. In total, for the next fiscal year ending in March 2021, we should expect 11 million PS5. Last July, in the midst of a health crisis, the manufacturer had yet planned to increase the production of consoles, with a figure estimated at more than 10 million units.

To solve the problem, Sony would use the air route. According to renowned analyst Daniel Ahmad, the company reportedly booked 60 flights from October to ship consoles to retailers. A rumor which would come directly from Delta Air Lines and which would therefore only concern the US at present. This type of transport would thus come back a little more expensive than expected. We remind you that Sony announced a new presentation for Wednesday night at 10 p.m. on the PS5. We will finally know the price and the release date of the machine. As a reminder, the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S will be available at 499 and 299 € respectively. More than a day before knowing everything about its competitor. By the way, we have a Sony WH-1000XM3 B Good Deal to share with you with a huge promo on connected headphones.


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