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Ape Escape

Ape Escape is a cult platform game developed by SCE Japan, released in 1999 on PS1. It features Spike and his friend Buzz, who travel through time to stop the game’s villain, Specter.. Moreover, it is one of the first games to have fully used the Dualshock controller of the PS1. A particularly colorful action/platform game that hasn’t aged an inch.

Resident Evil Director’s Cut

No need to introduce Resident Evil in 2022. The cult license began with this opus released in 1996 on the console of sony. Several remastered versions have since been released, and Sony is again offering to fall back into this classic experience thanks to the PS Plus Premium.

Wild Arms

Wild Arms is one of those JRPGs largely underestimated in the West, despite a great success in Japan. This is a role-playing game taking place in the far west (which is already quite original). With its 2D graphics during exploration and its 3D battles, Wild Arms is one of those little gems worth trying out with this new PS Plus subscription.

tekken 2

Released in 1995 on PS1, Tekken 2 is undoubtedly a classic among fighting games. With its revolutionary 3D graphics for the time, its meticulous gameplay and its emblematic characters, it is still today an unmissable feature of the genre, alone or with others.

Oddworld: Abe’s Odyssey

Abe’s Odyssey is quite simply one of the best-selling games on the PS1, thanks in particular to the mascot Abe, who is still present in the world of video games today. This very first game in the series is now available on the PS Plus Premium, the opportunity to return to the genesis of the famous character.



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