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PS Plus: soon the end of the expiration dates?

PS Plus

Sony has reportedly quietly removed some game expiration dates which would be on the PS Plus currently. Indeed, if we follow the logic of Sony, a date should appear to indicate the withdrawal of the game at the beginning of the following month. However, they are now listed in a tab named “Last Chance to Play” where no expiration date is given. We can take for example the Rez Infinite case whose game has been moved to this “Last Chance to Play” tab but which no longer has an expiration date.

Concern ? This means that we do not know until when we could play it. And this poses a major problem if it becomes widespread. Subscribers have no information regarding until when they can play. This can be seen as a lack of transparency. This may encourage them to turn to other providers such as Xbox with its Game Pass.

Otherwise, Xbox is being transparent about the end of the availability of games on its service. Obviously, this gives a game perspective to subscribers and allows them to prioritize or not certain types of games. With regard to subscription prices, this could be taken very badly by the Playstation community whose pill is still struggling to pass with the increase in PS5s.

Simple bug or voluntary act on the part of sony ? We hope to have a little more clarification in the days to come.

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