Today, June 23, 2022, marks the arrival of the new PlayStation Plus formula in Europe. Split into Essential, Extra, and Premium offerings, it offers a bunch of extra perks, like access to a toy library of hand-picked classics. As you can imagine, Sony exclusives are the spearhead of this offer. From PS1 to PS4, your Proust madeleines are waiting for you to savor them. And the Japanese publisher understood it well: the new PS Plus pub highlights a package of references.

The PS Plus tickles our nostalgia

Following a harmless-looking gentleman, the advertisement takes us into his daily life… which is not the most banal. Its basement is a real archive room of the greatest hours of the PlayStation. We spotted a few very recognizable objects. Have you seen any others? Did you recognize the alien at 1:19?

  • 1:11 A baby from Death Stranding
  • 1:15 A Bloodborne cleaver
  • 1:22 A Horizon Watcher
  • 1:27 The Fireflies symbol from The Last of Us
  • 1:34 The golden mask of Higgs, in Death Stranding again
  • 1:36 The iconic mask from Ghost of Tsushima
  • 2:11 Uncharted 4 room

The slogan of this new advertisement is “Why be one thing, when you can be anything?” (“Why limit yourself when you can be anything you want?”). An obvious foot call to let you know that the new PS Plus is rich and varied.

This ad also lets you know which licenses are dear to Sony. The presence of Bloodborne among Sony’s titans will perhaps give Souls-like fans hope… and fans of Ratchet & Clank or Sly Cooper will find themselves with their beaks in the water!

If you don’t know where to start, you can check out our guide to the must-do PS1 games on the PS Plus. Also, don’t miss our future guides to PS2, PS3 and PS4 games. We also know how to be exhaustive!


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