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Like its pleasant creatures, the Pokémon franchise can take a thousand and one forms. The feeling of the moment is Pokeclicker, an “idle game” on a browser that offers to capture a maximum of Pokémon… by clicking as much as possible. Eh yes, like Sacha de Bourg-Palette, your best friend will be your mouse. Each inflicts damage to Pokémon encountered, allowing ultimately to capture them. The more Pokémon you have, the tougher you are; the tougher you are, the further you can go. Simple, effective.

Pokéclicker: when the mouse is electrified

In the vein of Cookie Clicker, Pokéclicker instructs you to disassemble your mouse and heat up your index finger. A series of alternative activities, such as dungeons and arenas, give small one-off objectives. If the game does not pay mine, it’s a free stress reliever that pleases on the web. A wiki was created, listing everything there is to know. And for the rest, the community Discord takes care of it.

To get your game off to a good start, here are two cheat codes:

  • FARMINGBOOST: offers 10,000 farm points and 100 Cherry berries
  • OOOSHINY: offers a random shiny Pokémon

To enter these cheat codes, click on “Start Menu” at the top right. Choose the “SAVE” option. In the “Enter Code” text bar, fill in the codes provided then validate with the CLAIM button. And There you go ! Enjoy your advance.

If Pokéclicker is the complete opposite of Pokémon Go and encourages you to stay with your buttocks screwed in front of your PC, it must be recognized that there is a very addictive side who bewitched the editor…

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