King Heenok has decided to baptize his latest NLP clip. Find out now on melty.

Best known for his completely barred character and for his famous expressions (“you hear !?”) that for the quality of his music, in 2019, King Heenok continues to be talked about: while he was present at the Olympia for the concert of Caballero and Jean Jass, the most famous of Quebec rappers has just reappeared in the news by releasing a new clip called PNL, in tribute to the famous group which, moreover, saw the clip Au DD becoming an Instagram filter. Discover the clip now on melty.

Armed in his hand, in an armored van, The King speaks of drug and arms trafficking, and repeats several times that “you are not ready”. All in a piece called PNL pour Pouvoir Narcotique Loyauté. An entire program… We don’t really see the relationship with PNL the kings of the clip, but this reference to their name should probably make them happy. When fans of the king, them, after this little appetizer, they must especially wait for the collaboration promised between Alkpote and their favorite rapper.


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