Almost two months after the release of Deux Frères, the time has come for the first results for the duo of French rappers PNL.

We take stock. If you follow PNL news, you are aware that their new album Two brothers is officially certified double platinum disc in France. This certification, completely harmless for some, is for them a guarantee of their popularity in France. Yes, by selling more than 200,000 copies of their third studio album, the two brothers Ademo and N.O.S prove once again that the rap game can no longer do without them. Even more, and although their statistics are particularly good in streaming (Spotify + YouTube), the good health of the duo is also measured in their physical sales.

And because it’s been almost two months since Two brothers is available is in the bins, the time is on the balance sheets. And these are relatively positive! Indeed, NLP to date has sold more than 230,000 copies of Two brothers in France after 8 weeks of operation. A very honorable score which is entirely linked to the good health of each of the singles already exploited. Indeed, “With ammonia”, “91’s“and”At DD“are all three certified platinum singles (30 million stream equivalent) while “Two brothers“has been a gold single since May 17 (15 million equivalent streams). But the question that many Internet users are asking themselves now is whether Two brothers will manage to shine as In the legend in 2016.

The question, already raised when we told you about the sales of the album In legend, still has a similar answer today. Very efficient on YouTube and Spotify, Two brothers had the effect of a tidal wave on the charts last April and the popularity of the 16 tracks that make up the album cannot be denied. Two months after they went online, the only songs on the album that haven’t yet exceeded 10 million streams on Spotify are “Disconnected” and “Misery is so beautiful” but that will not be long. Two brothers is certainly still far from the 800,000 copies sold of In the legend but remember that only 4 singles were promoted this year against 6 with their previous opus. This promises to be promising for the future.


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