Thanks to the fashionable FaceApp, we know what our favorite artists will look like in 30 years or more.

While Charli XCX and Christine and the Queens have released the sulphurous clip of their duo “Gone”, the FaceApp application has been wreaking havoc in recent days on social networks. Indeed, it allows people to age considerably to find out what they will look like in a few years. A fun game that gave ideas to Internet users who wanted to know what to look like their idols and who shared the results on the web in addition to the many artists were not afraid to try the experience for themselves . While Angèle has been validated by a huge international star, Find out now what your favorite singers will look like with a few more wrinkles!


Booba has grown old!
Booba has grown old!

Pillar in the French rap world, Booba will it still be in 30 years? In any case, with this assembly, his fans can imagine the head he will have at that time … Not sure that he can still go into a ring to face his opponents!


The young rapper from Aulnay-sous-Bois in Seine-Saint-Denis is unrecognizable with this head but seems to take it cool. In any case, we validate his look!


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Best caption wins ovo tickets

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American rappers will also age one day! In any case for Drake do not panic since he should maintain his appearance of muscular bad boy even with some gray hair.

The Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers saw further and took a trip to the 3000s and of course, their sex appeal went wild! Perhaps they will still be popular with grannies in retirement homes?

David Guetta

The most popular French DJ on the planet lent himself to the game too and the result is not too bad. With his graying beard, David can still capsize hearts.

Aya Nakamura

Aya Nakamura with a few more wrinkles
Aya Nakamura with a few more wrinkles

Even with a few more wrinkles, Aya Nakamura is still as stylish! We hope for her that at that time, she will finally get rid of Djadja just to be able to rest quietly with the best of her friends.


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Are optimistic about the body however …

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On Instagram, Shy’m also shared what she might look like in a few years. With his pink wig and plunging neckline, the interpreter of “So what!” will rather be a sexy granny …


NLP with white hair
NLP with white hair

In 50 years, will brothers Ademo and N.O.S still make the buzz as much thanks to their clips? Not sure … However, they can enjoy a golden retreat by listening to their larger hits (provided you turn up the volume).

Sam Smith

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Grandpa or Grandma? ???????? I’ll take both #batch

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If the singer of “Dancing With A Stranger” Still hesitating between the look of grandfather or grandmother, his fans hope one thing: that he is still present on the music scene by then to continue to make hits.


Nekfeu always sexy with the graying mustache?
Nekfeu always sexy with the graying mustache?

Nekfeu, which is currently a hit with The wandering stars: expansion will he continue rap or will he choose to definitively join the world of the 7th art within 30 years? Only the future will tell … In any case, we validate the graying mustache!


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