The PNL group’s brothers, who are making a splash with the album Deux Frères, are expected on stage for two exceptional performances in France.

A few days ago, Ademo from the PNL group released the song “Mowgli II”, something to delight fans. Back in the limelight since April 2019 with the album Two brothers more than 200,000 copies already sold in France, the brothers from Corbeil-Essonnes are a hit. It must be said that they did very hard with their first extract “At DD”, whose clip was filmed at the top of the Eiffel Tower. The second title, “Two brothers”, evokes their beautiful complicity and the video was produced in a place which is dear to them: La cité Gagarine in Ivry-rur-Seine, where they spent part of their childhood. Result, they are now eagerly awaited on stage …

Let the fans be reassured, it will not be necessary to wait too long before being able to applaud the two artists. The group NLP announced two showcases: One at The Base nightclub in Bordeaux on June 28th and the other the next day at the Lnvrs Club in Nancy. Two exceptional performances which should attract a lot of people, as the two rappers are rare in public. A few weeks ago, hundreds of people queued in the street to go to their pop-up store in Paris. On the internet, PNL’s online store is already out of stock, which once again shows the power of the duo!


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