Three months after its release, the success of PNL Deux Frères’ album continues to be confirmed. The rapper duo is offering a new, well-deserved certification this week!

We don’t stop them anymore. If we told you a little earlier that Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars have just unveiled their rock hit “Blow”, there are two others who also have something to smile about. It is no surprise that the French duo PNL. Brother rappers have been on the air and in everyone’s mind since they released their third studio album Two brothers last April. And you have to admit thatin addition to being a musical and textual success, Two brothers is a real commercial success that we can really only compare to that of Wandering Stars from Nekfeu. And if we talk to you today about Ademo and N.O.S it is because another of their single has just received a certification as reported in SNEP (National Union of Phonographic Publishing).

If you follow PNL news on, you are aware that this is not the first certification that Two brothers receives. That’s why we decided to keep the accounts. Two brothers to date totals a diamond single (“At DD“), two platinum singles (“91’s“,”With ammonia“) and four gold singles (“Two brothers“,”Chang“”, “Blanka” and now “Hasta la vista“). As you can understand, PNL has been operating a certification hold-up since this spring. And that should not stop anytime soon since their four new songs, unveiled exclusively on Apple Music, are now available on all streaming platforms. This should further boost the sreams machine! In the rest of the news, here’s what you need to know about the legal and media battle of Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun.


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