This week again, Ademo and N.O.S from PNL distinguished themselves by the good health of their album Deux Frères as well as songs from it – “Au DD” and “Blanka” in mind!

Kings of the charts. If you were told a little earlier that Ed Sheeran, Calvin Harris and Little Mix are the artists most listened to by the British, it must be recognized that in France, PNL continues to fascinate the young generation. Their album Two brothers unveiled last April has already sold more than 230,000 copies in France and each piece of this opus continues to panic the stream counters. It is the PNL streaming records that interest us today. Yes, the National Union of Phonographic Publishing (or SNEP) has just certified “At DD“diamond single. The third single from the album Two brothers now has more than 50 million streams.

But that’s not all ! As we told you a little earlier, N.O.S. and Ademo have not finished talking about them. Yes “With ammonia ” and “91’s“are already certified platinum singles (30 million streams), that’s “Blanka” who is talking about him today. The fourth track of the album Two brothers has just passed the milestone of 15 million streams thanks to French accounts with subscription, which is worth to the piece to be certified single gold. And if we believe the counters, “Chang”, “Hasta la vista” and “Other world“should follow in the coming days. As you can see, we haven’t finished hearing about PNL and this album! In the rest of the music news, here are the 5 songs to remember from the new album by Nekfeu, Les Etoiles vagabondes.


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