The PNL group victim of its success … That The Family was out of stock in a few hours.

A few days ago, PNL unveiled their collection of QLF clothing, the prices of which divided fans. If their ephemeral store located in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris made a lot of noise on the Web, especially because of the prices, this did not prevent the two brothers from experiencing real success online. It was indeed in the space of a few hours that the collection sold like hotcakes. Race result: QLF is out of stock! Yes, no more parts are available on the brand’s website.

Que La Famille (QLF) is a clothing line complementary to the group’s basic merchandising. True experts in their communication, N.O.S and Ademo have been very successful since the release of their latest album Deux Frères, already certified double platinum. This new clothing line project allows the duo to always make as much noise while promoting their new track entitled “Mowgli II”. And it is with this surprise sequel to his tube “Mowgli” appeared in 2014 that the group once again made the happiness of its audience impressed by the personal character of the song.


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