Jim Ryan recently gave a few interviews to several media around the world. Between the postponement of Gran Turismo 7, the schedule of the next PS5 and PC releases, the arrival of new Sony exclusives on PC or the commercial strategy of the firm, the CEO of PlayStation was not stingy in revelations. Here is the full recap.

It’s definitely a big day for PlayStation, which leaves us a rain of information from all sides. Between the return of the Play At Home initiative which will allow players in particular to recover Ratchet & Clank (2016) for free or even the officialization of a new VR headset for the PS5, there was already plenty of room for in the tooth. But Jim Ryan decided not to do things by halves and at the turn of an interview delivered in the columns of GQ Magazine but also Famitsu, the president of PlayStation revealed a series of additional information regarding the games to come on PS4 and PS5, but also on PC.

Jim Ryan, CEO of PlayStation
Jim Ryan, CEO of PlayStation

Let’s start right away with the bad news of the lot: one of the PS5 games previously announced will ultimately not arrive in 2021 as planned. This is Gran Turismo 7, the release of which has been postponed to 2022 due to the impact of COVID-19 on development. Indeed, the press release indicates that “Some major aspects of the game’s production have been slowed down in recent months”, forcing Polyphony Digital to extend its deadline. Unfortunately, no news has been given regarding the upcoming sequel for God of War. who, at the moment, has still not talked about him since his officialization in September 2020.

For the good news, Jim Ryan nevertheless assured that Sony feels ” really good “ concerning the other games on the program, reiterating in passing the fact that Horizon Forbidden West should indeed be released in the second half of 2021. In the meantime, the Japanese manufacturer will also make a new turn in the PC universe with the arrival of Days Gone, the post-apocalyptic open world of Bend Studio, in the spring. According to the GQ article, this will be the first of a “Whole list” to follow suit, Sony wanting to continue its momentum after the successful launch of Horizon Zero Dawn on PC last August.

Days Gone will be the next Sony exclusive to hit PC
Days Gone will be the next Sony exclusive to hit PC

In this regard, the CEO of PlayStation explained that it was a fully thought out strategy on their part. He particularly insisted on the fact that the first-party studios and their productions are “In better shape than they have ever been”, especially since the second half of the PS4 lifecycle. So it’s for them “An opportunity to expose these great games to a wider audience”, while optimizing the yields achieved because as he concedes, things ” are not always simple ” when it comes to economy. This echoes, among other things, the rise in production costs regularly mentioned by developers.

To finish, Ryan also confirmed that Sony will continue to offer games to its users as soon as the opportunity presents itself.. He believes that this is a “Interesting and innovative way to publish games and make them available for [leurs] subscribers “, and he therefore intends to continue to move in this direction. This concerns in particular the PlayStation Plus, whose number of subscribers continues to increase, but also initiatives such as Play At Home or the PlayStation Plus Collection. And if ever your thirst for video game adventures has not dried up despite all these offers, know that you can take advantage ofa PSN card worth € 50 at a reduced price thanks to Eneba.

Credits: GQ Magazine


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