After a few weeks without restocking, the PS5 would therefore be available again on the market very soon if we are to believe various rumors that are currently swarming on social networks.

2 months. Sony’s next-gen console, the PS5, has been on the market for two months now. Finally … available, that’s a big word, because only a few lucky ones have had the chance to get their hands on it since its marketing. The fault in particular to too much demand compared to a somewhat vacillating offer: we are expecting a restock of consoles since mid-December now. A month that the PS5 are simply not found, and inevitably, the rumors of a return are proportionately more insistent. Thus, according to a new rumor, Carrefour could well put new PS5 on sale this January 18, namely next Monday.

A resale on Monday?
A resale on Monday? – Credit (s): sony

As a reminder, Sony has opted for online sales only, so there is no need to go to the store to hope to nab one. But inevitably, lots of impatient players are on the lookout for upcoming console restocks. Thus, according to various accounts on Twitter, the PS5 would be available from January 18 on the official website of Carrefour.. Info that has obviously not been confirmed is the prerogative of all rumors, but the most ardent Sony fans can still take a look at the site of the dealer on Monday, it does not cost much. Especially since, from experience, the consoles go very quickly … It will therefore be necessary to be on the lookout if the information is verified! While waiting to discover more, we invite you to find here a nice discount on a PSN card worth 50 €.


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