Did you miss the preco of the PS5? Don’t panic just yet. Sony apologizes for the too limited stocks, and promises a very soon return of the console on the online stores.

As you will have noticed, the stocks of the PS5 have sold out very, very quickly since the pre-sales opened last week. Sony itself admits this in a tweet posted this weekend: “The pre-orders could have been much smoother”. Since the few returns in stock, many now fear to receive their console next year. Amazon even sent a message to several of its customers warning them that they might not receive it on launch day, which is November 19. In the same Twitter post, the manufacturer wants above all to reassure its community: “Over the next few days we will be releasing more PS5 consoles for pre-order – retailers will give you more details. And more PS5s will be available by the end of the year.. ”

We do not know if this concerns the whole world or just American territory, but it is better to remain vigilant. We can therefore only advise you to activate your alerts on retailer sites to be informed as quickly as possible and not to have to buy the console for 1000 euros on eBay. We remind you of the prices: you will have to pay 499 € for the standard and 399 € for the version without disk drive. To help you, we also explain here where to pre-order accessories for the next-gen console. In terms of games, we share with you everything you need to know about the next big game in the Harry Potter universe. And in the meantime, you can still enjoy a nice promo on a PlayStation Network card worth € 50.00 at this address, to explore the best hits of the PS4 before the next-gen.


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