Season 6 of Peaky Blinders will it be drastically different from the others?

After having exposed you a crazy theory on the return of Grace Shelby in season 6 of Peaky Blinders, it is in Tommy that we are interested since we are sure at least that he will be present in the next episodes. However, how Season 5 ended gives rise to several questions, especially about the main plot of Season 6. Already in season 5, Michael and Gina had an increased presence which was explained in particular by Michael’s desire to take Tommy’s place at the head of their business. It is partly for this reason that many suspect him of having betrayed his brother in the final season.

Gina and Michael
Gina and Michael – Credit (s): BBC

If it is Michael and Gina who knowingly betrayed Tommy so that he could not eliminate Oswald Mosley, it means that the 2 characters will be even more highlighted in season 6. And if Michael arrives little by little ‘impose in the company and take the place of Tommy, this could mean that Tommy will be less present in the new episodes. Even if Peaky blinders talks about all the Shelbys and their entourage, it is around Tommy that the intrigues have always turned. However, we are not immune to a change for the last two seasons of the signed series BBC

Who betrayed Tommy?
Who betrayed Tommy? – Credit (s): bbc

So should we already expect that Tommy will be less present in the episodes of season 6? Nothing is certain at the moment, but we can already imagine that if he is not quickly stopped, Michael will be ready to impose himself more and more until he has the stranglehold on the Shelbys. That being said, it is not yet clear that he was the one who betrayed Tommy and since Peaky blinders is used to twists and turns, it could be that Michael ends up returning to Tommy’s side to help him following the betrayal. Until you find out, you can already vote for the series right here if you want to make it win the 2020 Series World Cup on melty!


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