When Patrick Dempsey first met Ellen Pompeo, he was charmed for an adorable reason. Find out which one!

It’s not easy to shoot a series every day. If the atmosphere is often in good shape, it happens that there are real frictions within the casting. The proof with Patrick Dempsey and Isaiah Washington whose conflict tainted Grey’s Anatomy. But fans of the flagship program ABC rest assured, the interpreter of Derek Shepherd aka doctor Mamour has always had a good relationship with his co-star Ellen Pompeo. By dint of rubbing shoulders on the sets, the two main actors ended up developing a tender bond on the screen as in real life. And to believe the confidences of the actor, he adored the actress from their first discussion and the editorial ‘of melty reveals why.

Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey aka Meredith and Derek in Grey’s Anatomy

During an interview with TV Guide in 2013 Patrick Dempsey returned to his very first audition for Grey’s Anatomy. At the time, the actor had met his future play partner Ellen Pompeo and according to him, he was charmed by a small unexpected detail. “I met Ellen and her Boston accent filled me with joy because I’m from Maine [les accents des deux villes sont plutôt similaires, ndlr]. I immediately had a good connection with it “ he had declared to the media. Adorable secrets. And always more news on your favorite stars, find out if Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey are still friends since the departure of the actor from Grey’s Anatomy.


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