It is the rumor which runs on the Web! If we believe this photo of Paga in charming company, he could have relocated since his break up with Luna.

Luna recently confirmed half-heartedly that she broke up with Paga. After a few months of love, the lovebirds decided to go their separate ways. If the reasons have not yet been revealed, rumors suggest that the candidate of Marseillais in Dubai would be the culprit. It remains to be seen if the former couple will one day give an explanation to their fans who never stop wondering. While waiting to learn more, he slowly turns the page of his story. And to believe this cliché to discover below, the young man no longer hesitates to appear in charming company.

Paga appears in charm company on Snapchat
Paga appears in charming company on Snapchat – Credit (s): Snapchat paga.neuron

Always ready to party, Paga recently gave himself a little banging with his friends. And during this evening that he shared with his subscribers on Snapchat, the famous brother posted a photo showing a pretty brunette kissing him on the cheek, all accompanied by a heart emoji. According to several bloggers, the lucky winner would be the French model Stella Versini. Did Greg Yega’s best friend find love again? It’s possible. However, some believe that Paga and Luna orchestrated a fake breakup to create a buzz in Les Marseillais vs the rest of the World 6.

Credit: Snapchat paga.neuron
Other files: The Marseillais in Dubai


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