An official note from Overwatch 2 suggests that the game will no longer offer loot boxes!

The last few weeks have been rich in information regarding the game. Overwatch 2. New videos showcased some of the game’s new maps, the new Push game mode, and some of the hero revamps players can expect for the popular sequel. Overwatch. Yet it is on the Twitter German game suggests that loot boxes could quite simply disappear from the game. This corresponds in particular to Germany’s desire to better protect underage players, considering the loot boxes like an introduction to games of chance.

Overwatch loot boxes
Overwatch loot boxes

Indeed, the much too hazardous system of the system of loot boxes are regularly criticized by the players and are also in the sights in the several countries which are considering subjecting them to the same legal regimes as gambling. For its part, Germany wishes to update a local law on the protection of minors so that it is applicable on digital and thus frame the economic models of video games including a system of loot boxes. Ultimately, if the loot boxes were kept in Overwatch 2, the game could fall under the classification not recommended for players under 18, which could greatly impact its sales.


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