Season 5 of Outlander included many tragedies including the death of Murtagh. But why didn’t Jamie’s godfather lose his life during the Battle of Culloden?

The television viewers Outlander saw a number of terrible scenarios unfold throughout Season 5 of the Starz drama series. One of the scenes that marked us the most is obviously the death of Jamie’s adored godfather, Murtagh. His death was not a big surprise since in the novels of Diana Gabaldon, this character died during the battle of Culloden. The writers therefore took the liberty of bringing this character back, which made it possible to bring new interesting intrigue. Unfortunately, in season 5 of Outlander, Murtagh is indeed dead … The showrunner of the series, Matthew B. Roberts, explained why he had kept Murtagh on the stage for so long, despite his earlier death in the books.

Farewell Murtagh!

With his surprising survival set in stone, viewers expected Murtagh to eventually meet his fate in another unexpected way in Outlander. The showrunner of the series, Matthew B. Roberts has confided in the Town & Country Magazine to keep Murtagh in history longer than he should have been. He explained: “One of the reasons we kept Murtagh alive was to give Claire, and also Jamie, someone to talk to. Duncan Lacroix is ​​an amazing actor, so after the first season it became obvious: ‘Okay, well, it’s a simple choice, let’s keep it alive’“A wise choice that delighted fans but his death was just as tragic and heartbreaking in season 5 of Outlander.



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