Ultra charismatic villains, completely useless characters … A quick overview of the best worst characters of the season!

The 2020 Series World Cup continues on melty and you can continue to vote every day right here so that your favorites can take the next step! Even if we take advantage of the competition to come back to the best elements of the season, we don’t forget that a good series is also a good villain. So here are some villains who marked us, but also those so nazi that they clearly could not have existed. Warning, spoilers.

Stephen Bonnet – Outlander

The terrible Stephen Bonnet … – Credit (s): starz

This one falls into the real villain category with no problem and we’re pretty happy Brianna got rid of him quickly. Outlander season 5 made its characters drool with a lot of hateful antagonists and we must admit that we would have preferred a few quieter episodes. All that remains is to hope that season 6 – which will definitely be without Bonnet – will be less painful for Jamie, Claire, Brianna and the others.

Alpha – The Walking Dead

Alpha and the Whisperers – Credit (s): amc

Comic book fans have been waiting for her for weeks and she has clearly lived up to their expectations. The leader of the Whisperers has proven to be creepy, completely sociopathic, and perfect in the role of the series’ big bad. Samantha Morton’s talent is not for nothing, but we must admit that the writers also did an excellent job of catching up with the series a little after a few seasons below. In any case the result is there – even if Alpha’s head is no longer there.

Arturo “Arturito” Román – La Casa de Papel

Arturito – Credit (s): netflix

In the category useless and annoying characters as possible, we ask Arturito. Since his first appearance in the series, Arturo has got on our nerves and it has only gotten worse with the seasons. Cowardly, liar and stupid, Arturito is the perfect character we love to hate.

Logan – Fear The Walking Dead

Logan who?
Logan who? – Credit (s): amc

Logan who? If you don’t remember it, that’s pretty normal. Season 5 of Fear The Walking Dead was already rather mediocre, she also introduced a completely useless “bad guy” who got killed after a few episodes. Logan did not last, but it is rather good since it will allow us to quickly forget him.

Oswald Mosley – Peaky blinders

A famous speech … – Credit (s): bbc

The incredible Sam Claflin landed in season 5 of Peaky blinders in the role of Mosley, the fascist leader of Great Britain, and he is not about to be forgotten. Despicable as possible but ultra charismatic, Mosley promises to be a major enemy for Tommy who has already failed his assassination attempt at the end of season 5. We can not wait to find him in season 6 but clearly the apprehension is there …

Anders – The 100

Really helpful Anders?
Really helpful Anders? – Credit (s): the cw

Season 7 of The 100, which is also the last one, don’t take it easy with the plots and its characters, and so she decided to introduce not one but TWO big bad guys in this season. Anders was Bill’s second – we almost put on this list too, sects are a bit has-been… – and it didn’t last long, but it stayed long enough to bore us. Was it really necessary to have Anders then Bill? The series, knowing that these are its final episodes, could it not have directly brought Bill back to save time?


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