The shooting of season 6 of Outlander has not yet started but fans are wondering. Could Jamie go to Scotland alone in the next episodes?

The wait is becoming unbearable and with the coronavirus pandemic raging, it is possible that Outlander season 6 will not air until 2022 on Starz. The next episodes will be based on the sixth volume by Diana Gabaldon but the writers will be able to grant themselves some artistic liberties. In any case, the sequel should include elements as overwhelming as in previous seasons. Brianna and Roger are expected to return to the future and the farewells with their parents and family are shaping up to be terrible. Claire could feel good alone without her daughter. Besides, is it also possible that Jamie will return to Scotland alone in season 6? from Outlander ?

Jamie back in Scotland?
Jamie back in Scotland? – Credit (s): starz

Outlander is known for its breathtaking locations on the Scottish Highlands, Paris, the Caribbean and Fraser’s Ridge in North Carolina. With the Frasers now settled in America, it looks like they’ll be staying there for a while. However, showrunner Maril Davis recently reminded fans that the Starz series is a “series itinerant “ hinting that a major figure might unexpectedly leave America. It is therefore possible that Jamie will be forced to return to Scotland for an emergency … perhaps of a family nature! If Jenny has a problem at Lallybroch. Unless Lord John Gray has a problem with William in England. For now, that’s just a theory, but while waiting to learn more, find out why the Frasers are suffering so much in Outlander!


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