Caitriona Balfe has made some confidences on the future challenges that Claire will face in season 6 of Outlander.

After more than two years of absence, the Fraser family will soon be back on Starz. Moreover, we finally know the broadcast date of season 6 of Outlander and the favorite couple of fans will return on March 6 on their screens. So what do these next episodes have in store for us? As we know, this season 6 from Outlander will be centered on the sixth volume by Diana Gabaldon. The American Revolution will therefore be at the heart of the plot, but the Frassers will also face other problems. The Christie family will wreak havoc on Fraser’s Ridge and Claire will not be out of the woods.

Outlander Season 6 Poster!
Outlander Season 6 Poster! – Credit (s): Starz

During an interview with LA Times, Caitriona Balfe has confided in what Season 6 of Outlander has in store for Claire. The actress also spoke about Claire’s menopause, a big change in a woman’s life. “Psychologically, she’s really having a hard time getting over it at the end of last season.”, she explained, before continuing: “She’s someone who’s always been able to compartmentalize things and put them in a box and then move on. But now, she’s unable to do that. She’s having a really hard time emotionally and mentally keeping them. feet on the ground and keep moving forward. “

It can really throw you off

Caitriona Balfe added that she immersed herself in the portrayal of this character at a time when Claire was “more destabilized than she has ever been before”, specifying: “It has a lot to do with the events of last season, but I’ve also spoken to a lot of women and a lot has happened in the UK press last year, especially about women going through menopause. and how that can really destabilize you and change your ability to deal with things. All of these issues are going to play out this season.. ” Claire will face many challenges in this season 6 from Outlander and the emotion should be there.


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