Perhaps the love story between Claire and Jamie should never have existed.

It’s been a while since season 5 of Outlander is over and to wait until season 6, we offer you today to look into a theory that is not the most delightful for fans of the mythical couple from the Serie. Indeed we plunge back into the past, and more particularly in the first season of the series. We know that Claire did not choose to cross the stones of Craigh na Dun the first time when she landed in Scotland in the 1700s. But did she really choose to stay there when Jamie drove her back to the stones? Not so sure…

Claire and Jamie in season 5

Some fans who are bored while waiting for season 6 of Outlander on Starz and Netflix have indeed thought about the choice that Claire makes to stay with Jamie rather than to return with Frank. But rather than imagining that it was a voluntary decision on her part, they think that Claire did not really have a choice since she did not yet know with certainty that precious stones were needed for cross the stones. Therefore, some think that Claire tried to go back to her time, but that it didn’t work and that is why she then finds Jamie.

Claire and Jamie

Suffice to say that such an idea completely ruins the very romantic scene in which Claire returns to Jamie. While it’s clear that Claire developed feelings for Jamie in the first season, learn that she actually wanted to go back to her own time to find Frank shatters the whole myth. However, we will not know if staying was a choice or if she was forced after trying to cross the stones in vain … At least one thing is certain, Claire is always with Jamie and that does not detract from the strength of their couple, probably one of the most powerful of the small screen.



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