Sam Heughan escaped the worst … Besides, the actor made some confidences on a drama which he narrowly avoided on the shooting of season 5 of Outlander!

Season 5 Outlander, (like the rest of the series), was overwhelming. The Fraser family faced new tragedies and no one was spared … Roger was hanged, Brianna was kidnapped by Stephen Bonnet, Claire was sexually assaulted and Jamie … almost died many times! If the character of Jamie was in great danger in this season 5 of Outlander, Sam Heughan also avoided the worst. Thinking about the Season 5 Finale Outlander, actor Sam Heughan revealed a disaster that took place on the set and that the fans had not seen coming …

At the start of season 5 Outlander, Jamie put a cross on a hill at Fraser’s Ridge. Once lit, this cross would signal Jamie’s men to take up arms and go to war. He also lit it to save his wife Claire. However, Sam Heughan revealed that the scene in which he lights the cross did not go as planned … Speaking during a question and answer session on Twitter with W Network, the actor said he got a little too close to the burning cross: “Haha yes I had to turn it on myself and I got too close at one point. Eyebrows and hair started to sing … “. An anecdote that he is not ready to forget but there has been more fear than harm. Pending details on upcoming episodes, find out if Claire and Jamie Fraser’s deaths have been confirmed in Outlander.



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