Season 5 of Outlander ended recently on Starz and the filming of the next episodes has not yet started … Meanwhile, a fan revealed a strange error in season three.

The Doughlander is a tough time for all fans Outlander… After an intense and upsetting Season Finale of season 5 of Outlander, admirers of the Fraser couple wonder what could happen next. Season 6 should be based on the sixth volume of Diana Gabaldon but could include some scriptwriting freedoms. Pending details of the sequel, some fans have resumed the series since its inception and a glaring historical error was discovered in season 3 Outlander… Fan Said Former WWII Nurse Makes Serious Mistake when she and Jamie ran aground on the shores of Georgia at the end of season three …

Everything can be explained!

A user of Reddit pointed to a historical inconsistency that would have occurred in season 3 Outlander. He explained : “When Jamie and Claire end up on the coast of the Georgia colony, Jamie is confused as to where they are. Claire explains ‘America’ and Jamie nods in recognition. “. However, since the United States of America, as we know today, was not established until 1776, this fan claimed that Jamie should have answered Claire’s statement with confusion. He continued: “She should have said ‘the colonies’ because the American revolution had not yet arrived. It might have been natural for Claire in the 20th century to call her America, but not natural for Jamie to understand what she was talking about. “. Other fans quickly responded to clarify that Claire and Jamie may have had this off-screen history lesson. In addition, a viewer retorted “Claire had already talked to Jamie about 20th century America.”. Claire’s words therefore made sense in Outlander!



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