Sam Heughan has played the role of Jamie Fraser since the first season of Outlander, but the actor has started to explore other opportunities away from the highlander …

The Doughlander promises to be unsustainable and we have no clue regarding the broadcast date of season 6 of Outlander. In addition, the actors cannot take over the direction of filming due to the coronavirus pandemic. Before this cut, the star Outlander, Sam Heughan has been incredibly busy working on the Starz series, the movie Bloodshot and his own project. Since for the moment, the production of season 6 Outlander has been interrupted, Sam Heughan has revealed that he has the ability to focus on projects other than playing the role of Jamie Fraser!

Lots of projects!

Sam Heughan confided in Gio Journal regarding these“vacation” constraints away from filming Outlander. He explained how he spent his time: “I worked on the post-production of a TV show that I produced / funded and directed last year. We hope to air it this year and it was a lot of fun. Also, a book contract, so I write a lot “. Sam Heughan added that he “did his best” to stay safe while the pandemic continued: “I do my best, trying to stay safe while lending my voice and support to charities, etc.. “. Hopefully the shooting of season 6 of Outlander will resume in September! In any case, Sam Heughan has many projects full of head other than that of playing the highlander



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