Max Ehrich is visibly up against his ex-fiancée Demi Lovato. The actor did not hesitate to tackle her openly on Instagram.

While they were imagined happy, Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich ended their engagement last September. The two celebrities have gone their separate ways after just six short months of dating. At the time, the actor said he was in shock at the announcement. According to her statements, the singer made this choice without even notifying her. So he would have learned of their breakup like everyone else: by reading magazines. A real blow. After a few difficult months, the pretty brunette decided to joke about her separation during the 2020 People’s Choice Awards ceremony, which her former fiance did not like.

Obviously angry with Demi Lovato, Max Ehrich did not hesitate to attack her on Instagram. Under a photo of the artist, the actor commented: “Using our breakup to get people talking about you at the People’s Choice Awards isn’t cool. Stop talking about me at ceremonies. Thank you.” A message that could not be clearer. Fans of the singer, however, came to her defense, explaining that she had the right to mention the end of her engagement if she wanted to. Far from being reached by this pike, Demi Lovato who has just unveiled her new hallucinating look, did not respond to her ex-boyfriend.


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